Delaware ENVIROTHON State Planning Committee

Delaware State ENVIROTHON Challenge

  1. The Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee will host an ‘Orientation Reception’ for prospective teams and advisors during September of each year.
  2. Only students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to compete in the high school Delaware ENVIROTHON.
  3. Any organization may host a team (s) whose members are in grades 9-12.
  4. A team must register a 5-person team and may list a maximum of two (2) alternates. Only from those seven (7) members can a team participate in the Delaware State Challenge.
  5. All advisors should return their Registration Forms, listing their team members, to each each of the conservation districts, no later than the second Friday in April or as directed during Orientation.
  6. A team registration fee may be required for teams intending to compete. The registration fee will be determined by the Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee.
  7. Teams must be accompanied to the all events by an adult team advisor.
  8. The Delaware ENVIROTHON Challenge will reflect an ‘Ecostation’ testing concept.
  9. Resource ‘trunks’ will be available for each learning objective. Advisors can utilize these tools from each conservation district office. Chairs of each resource committee are responsible to keep these ‘trunks’ current.
  10. Rules and regulations of the Delaware ENVIROTHON are subject to change. Any and all changes will be explained in advance to all teams and advisors. Any suggestions or improvements to the rules and regulations will be considered by the Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee.
  11. Any infraction of any of the Rules and Regulations of the Delaware ENVIROTHON could result in disqualification and dismissal from the event and host site. Refer to the Delaware ENVIROTHON Code of Conduct at the end of this Guide Book.
Delaware State ENVIROTHON Challenge: Training & Testing

  1. Training workshops will be offered to advisors and any team members unless specified during the Orientation Workshop. All advisors are encouraged to attend and participate in every training session.
  2. The Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee will provide training/workshop on each of the environmental disciplines at least once-a-year for students and advisors.
  3. During the Delaware State and National Challenge, advisors may not travel with their teams during testing. Provisions will be made for advisors to visit test sites, separately from their competing team.
  4. Snuff, tobacco, illegal drugs, electronic devices, cell phones and alcohol are PROHIBITED during the entire competition. Rules applicable to the local area and sponsoring organization will also be adhered to.
  5. Advisors will be responsible to assure that teams display proper conduct during the competition and at the host facility.
  6. Transportation to the Delaware ENVIROTHON will be the responsibility of each participating team.
  7. The competition will be conducted by the Delaware Association of Conservation Districts and partnership agencies, groups, and organizations.
  8. Any special materials needed for the competition, such as identification keys or maps, will be provided by the testing station coordinators.
  9. All volunteers located at each testing Ecostation are to refrain from making disparaging comments about the test and discussions kept quiet to provide the students with a respectable testing atmosphere.
  10. Judges decisions are FINAL on all events.
  11. The team placement will be determined by the highest cumulative total points.
  12. Cooperating agencies, sponsors, advisors, and participants involved in competition will be requested to complete an evaluation of the program following the competition event.
  13. Any appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the concern. Final decision will be made by the Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee. Appeals need to be sent to Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee at PO Box 242, Dover, DE 19903-0242.
  14. Awards for the Delaware ENVIROTHON will be determined by the Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee. There is a State Winner Plaque that is rotated to the annual State Winner. They have possession of it until the next State Competition. An individual award is given to the State Winning Team and this is theirs to keep. Additional awards will be determined by funding.
  15. Team alternates CANNOT be named on more than one team if a school or club enters more than one team.
  16. Teams with less than five (5) members on the day of the State Challenge may compete for experience, but the scores will NOT count.
  17. During the State Challenge, all participating students will be identified as to their representative team.
  18. Prior to the State Challenge, all guides will be informed and trained of all the day’s rules and regulantion to immediately deal with infractions.
  19. The Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee will provide participating teams with clipboards, writing utensils and calculators, if needed, during the State Challenge. Students are not to bring any of these devices (including backpacks, etc.) to the testing sites. Students may bring their oral presentation note cards to the Challenge.
  20. During the State Challenge, only one test per team will be provided at each testing station.
  21. There will be a total possible 100 points scored for each dicipline at each Ecostation. Scores will be in 'whole' numbers only.
  22. If there is a tie score between two or more teams for first place, the Delaware Planning Committee will use the Aquatic Ecology score as the tie-breaker and then the Forestry score, if further needed.
  23. If team alternates attend the State Challenge, they will be permitted to form a separate team and complete the testing, but their scores will not be tallied in the final results. Alternates will be sent around to testing stations with a designated guide, but will not be able to participate at a station where their perspective team is testing.
  24. FFA environmental testing can take place immediately following the Delaware State ENVIROTHON Challenge.
  25. Following the State Challenge, final Delaware team scores will be posted and distributed to the advisors. Completed tests will not be distributed, but retained by committee chairs. Committee chairs will be available to assist advisors with test questions regarding their particular teams effort.
  26. Team advisors will be provided an opportunity to evaluate the Delaware ENVIROTHON during the State Challenge.
North American ENVIROTHON
  1. For the North American Envirothon Competition, any substitutes other than the registered State team and alternates must be first approved by the Delaware State Committee and CEC representatives.
  2. If the team representing the Delaware ENVIROTHON is noted for misbehavior or disqualified from further participation in the North American ENVIROTHON, that team’s advisor and sponsor will be financially responsible for paying all expenses to this particular event.
  3. Preparation material for the North American ENVIROTHON will be offered in metric and inperial measurement systems.
  4. The Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee will meet with that year’s Delaware ENVIROTHON State Champions, and their advisors, prior to participation in the North American ENVIROTHON to review traveling procedures, Code of Conduct, etc.
  5. Resource chairpersons and the Delaware ENVIROTHON Planning Committee will be responsible to hold an organized training workshop(s) with that year’s Delaware State ENVIROTHON State Champions during the months of June and July in preparation for the North American ENVIROTHON.


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